Quilts Under Glass

clothlab_quilts_under glass_binning

'Quilts Under Glass' is a collection of my latest quilting explorations. Measuring 11 3/4" wide x 15 3/4' high, each creation is matted and then framed under glass, just like a conventional art piece. This presentation offers the experience of admiring the beauty and texture of a real quilt in a unique, space saving format. 

All pieces are designed, handmade and framed by me in Vancouver, Canada. The mat and glass frame are included in the price.

Inspiration: Gees Bend, Alabama Quilters

Quilt by Linda Pettway, born in 1929.

The Gees Bend quilters are the reason I quilt. In the mid 1960's, as an offshoot to the Civil Rights movement, this collective of impoverished African American women began to quilt together to foster community and generate an income. In the 90's their work was discovered by an Atlanta collector who helped bring international attention and acclaim to their creations. They are soulfully beautiful and still take my breath away. Check out more of their stunning work here.